​​​​​​​​Training discussions to assist the family member(s) in understanding the causes and behavioral health issues of the member.  These discussions are directed towards strengthening, restoring and improving the family dynamic.

Single or multi-session training providing education  to increase a person’s behavioral health knowledge regarding a current health topic.

A program that teaches social, communication and living skills. This program can help teach members and their families the about self care budgeting and  community resources.  This can be helpful for youth transitioning into adulthood.  

Helping  children and their families

by improving life, knowledge and understanding.

Many times the symptoms of behavioral health aren’t so obvious. Often they can be very subtle; such as difficulty getting up to go to school, sleeping a lot, excessive energy or even crying , which is very common with younger children.

Often as parents the feeling helplessness can be frightening but you are not alone. Reach Family Services, Inc. (Alcanza Servicios de Familia)  has a variety of programs that can be tailored to meet your child and family needs.

At Reach Family Services, Inc. (Alcanza Servicios de Familia), we can help you with these issues. We work directly with children to find coping mechanisms and help children manage their symptoms. In addition, we work with the family to help the child and family dynamic.