For Providers

Referral Process – MMIC– Maricopa County

​Referral packet is sent to Medical Records at 

The following documentation is required for the referral process:

a. *Referral

​b. *Current Assessment – dated within the last year and must be signed by BHP within 72 hours of date – can be a core assessment 
or annual update (Part D for birth to 5, Part E for over 5) with 5 digit diagnosis Refer to:

​c. *Provider Service Plan dated within the last year with REACH INC. service listed.​ Examples:​ REACH INC. Family Support Partner – 5x a week for 6 months.  Service Plan must be signed by guardian and CM plus list the frequency of service. 

If unable to collect all paperwork within the 7 days, then the referral will be denied to the provider.  

For faster processing please include availability and if services will be provided in office or in the home.

Call Us   (602) 512-9000


Please include your  phone number

**For your protection, please do not submit any personal information;such as, social security numbers or date of birth**

Reach Family Services, Inc.

(Alcanza Servicios de Familia)

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Phone: (602) 512-9000

​Fax: (602) 276-9985

Referrals and Questions to : 

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