The following are some examples how we can help

· Parent/Youth Mentoring

· Family Support Partners

· Social/Independent Skills Training

· Family Support

· Collaboration with the Child and Family Team

· Assistance with Individual Education (IEP) or 504 Plan

Signs your child could be having behavioral health issues..... talking back, bad grades, fighting, crying more than usual, avoiding social situations, abuse towards other children or animals, comments of wanting to hurt themselveself or others.

Children's Behavioral Health

Helping  children and their families

by improving life, knowledge and understanding.

 The direct support services and programs offered by Reach Family Services, Inc. (Alcanza Servicios de Familia) are Medicaid billable services and accessed through the referral process.  For these services and supports, children and youth must be enrolled through Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care (MMIC).  You can visit their website at

Reach Family Services will also have bilingual English and Spanish services for parents.  The intention of this program is to teach participants how they can support their children who have behavioral challenges.  An important component will be Parenting Classes. Parents will learn about important topics, such as communication, positive discipline, self-esteem, and dealing with emotions, forgiveness, decision making and many more.

 Reach Family Services, Inc. is committed to seeing how our children, youth and families grow, learn and REACH the goals in their lives.