Children and youth will learn specific living and social skills that will support them to increase their quality of life. Through training and interacting activities, participants will learn about controlling their anger and dealing with their emotions in a positive manner.  Also participants will learn how to deal with school situations that stop them from having a successful experience.  They will learn to deal with bullying, being late, fear of participation, frustration, barriers to doing homework and studying. And they will learn how to improve their grades.

The groups will offer children and youth presentations, games, interactive discussion and many more activities that will support them to achieve their treatment objectives.


What is Reach Family Services, Inc.?

REACH Family Services, Inc. (Alcanza Servicios de Familia) is a family-run organization located in Southern Phoenix.  This organization will provide youth skills training, and family support services and education.  REACH will work throughout Maricopa County with an emphasis on serving Hispanic and other minority families in the county.

Helping  children and their families

by improving life, knowledge and understanding.